For researchers

At Lighthouse, we provide support and assistance to researchers looking to explore commercial and innovative opportunities. Through mentoring, licensing agreements, assistance with spin-outs, innovation processes, courses, and events, we support innovation at the University of Copenhagen.

At Lighthouse, you can:

  • access innovation partners and industry experts
  • commercialize inventions
  • start your own business - spin-outs
  • collaboration agreements and standard contracts
  • use our conference facilities and creative environment for meetings
  • enhance your skills through courses and events, including pitch training and communication
  • receive guidance on cross-disciplinary innovation projects.

For educators

Lighthouse focuses on enhancing students' skills within entrepreneurship to help them go from idea to develop a business. We have innovation consultants at all faculties who can support your teaching in, for example, innovation, entrepreneurship and concept development.

  • Advice from innovation consultants about teaching innovation, and entrepreneurship
  • Talks about innovation methods, business models, and how to do pitches
  • Give students feedback on ideas they have worked on in courses and help them further develop these ideas
  • Host innovation activities in our conference facilities or help facilitate workshops for students.

If you want to know more about our services for researchers and educators, please contact one of our innovation consultants. Read more on Meet the team.