Lighthouse styrker innovation og entreprenørskab på tværs af hele universitetet. Vi bygger bro så universitetets ideer og løsninger bruges til gavn for mennesker, samfund og miljø.

Sometimes, you’re just lucky and have a great idea that can make life easier for a lot of people. That’s what happened to me. Lighthouse supports innovation and entrepreneurship, even if you’re not yet a Nobel Prize winner.

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25. okt. - 15. nov. 2022

Lead-In Student Entrepreneurship Program

The Lead-In program is for you who have an idea or an existing business. The program is open for student entrepreneurs at University of Copenhagen.

Lead-in consists of four Tuesdays (+ homework) where we will work with different tools and methods that can help you take the next steps in relation to your idea or business. 

Focus will be on: 

  • Understanding target group and (future) customers
  • Building and testing hypothesis 
  • Using a business model as a process tool
  • Pretotyping
  • Communication and pitching
  • Sustainable sale and the sale situation

We also delve into your strengths, your motivation, your individual story, and your ability to communicate and attract relevant business partners. 
By taking part in the process, you will build a strong network of new and experienced entrepreneurs across subjects and industries. 

Once you have attended Lead-in, it will be possible to become a member of KU's new innovation centre, Lighthouse. 

Should you have any questions before signing up, please contact:  

Facilitators: Marie Shubra Ovesen, Peter Løvschall, Jakub Rubinowski & Helene Niclasen Jeune

10. nov. 2022

Hackathon: Decentralized Finance

Hackathon: Decentralising Finance

How can we democratise the financial system with disruptive technologies? How can we create a financial system that is more open and accessible to all?  What challenges arise when we disrupt the financial system with disruptive technologies such as blockchain?  

Join us for two and half days of exploration, ideation and collaboration among university students. You will work with real life cases and problem-holders exploring the potential for disrupting the current financial system through the lens of legal, technological, economical, political and ethical perspectives. 

You will be guided through a process giving you skills within Problem analysis methods, Ideation & Solution mapping, Critical appraisal of solutions, Conceptualization, Basics of tech, ethics, legal, funding concerns and Executive communication.

From Thursday afternoon, 10 November to Saturday at noon the 12 November you will work in interdisciplinary teams to develop ideas and find solutions to present for an expert jury. The hackathon includes inspirational talks from the Danish Finanstilsynet, global DeFi companies and close sparring with industry experts. First, second and third place winners are awarded prizes. 

Case competition partnere: Chainalysis, Coinify, Aryze, ZTLment & Copenhagen Fintech.

Notice that you do not need knowledge of the financial sector or deep tech to participate in the hackathon. The hackathon is facilitated by professionals within design thinking and legal tech from Human & Legal Innovation Hub, Legal Tech Lab & Industry players.

The event is hosted in collaboration with the Copenhagen Legal Tech Lab, Legal Innovation Hub, Finanstilsynet, KU Lighthouse, Copenhagen FinTech Lab, Tuborg Fondet

Deadline for application is 6th of November.

There are 60 spots. Spots will be filled on first come first served basis. 

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