Company Challenge Healthy Weight


The Company Challenge - Healthy Weight - is an innovation programme for you who want to build new skills in problem-solving for life science companies. You will meet and network with life science companies and work in interdisciplinary teams. You get unique input on how to improve products and develop ideas to impact the creation of new solutions in the life science industry. 

Up to 50 participants will collaborate in multidisciplinary teams to come up with the best solutions to challenges provided by the companies Embla, Liva Healthcare, and Novo Nordisk

The theme for the company challenge is Healthy Weight: Overweight is one of the most significant risk factors for the development of chronic diseases, poor well-being, and quality of life, which are significant factors for social inequality and great costs for society in Denmark and globally. 

You will meet the 3 strong life science companies that offer innovative solutions for prevention and treatment to benefit both people, healthcare, and society. Each company will bring a specific and real-life challenge because they need your input. As a participant, you will work with the challenges and together with your team, you will develop ideas and inspiration for their actual needs.  Through an online preparatory webinar and 2 intensive on-campus days, you will be engaged in developing new solutions to the challenges provided by the companies together with an interdisciplinary team. 

Good reasons to join the challenge: 

This challenge will give you the chance to create and inspire companies, give your unique outlook on how to improve products, and share your ideas that can impact the creation of a new product. 

You will work with real-life cases and problem-holders exploring the potential to solve global health issues.

You can contribute with a new form of communication, a technological solution, and a new perspective on how to handle customer's and patient experience and behavior toward healthy weight.

  • Develop and showcase your skills
  • Connect with other students and several companies
  • Inspire new products and processes 
  • Make an impact on companies 
  • Mutually contribute towards competency development