UCPH Lighthouse Lead-In Student Entrepreneurship Programme


The Lead-In Programme is an entrepreneurship programme for students and PhD students with an idea or an existing startup. The programme is open for student innovators at University of Copenhagen.

Over five workshops we will delve into your strengths, your motivation, your individual story, and your ability to ask relevant questions, prioritize tasks, and attract relevant partners and customers. You'll be introduced to and work with tools and methods that can help you take the next steps to make your idea a reality or develop your business. 

Key skills and concepts of the Lead-In Programme:

  • Understanding your target group and (future) customers
  • Building and testing hypothesis 
  • Using a business model as a process tool
  • Sustainable sale and the sales situation
  • Budgets and funding opportunities
  • Communication and pitching

During Lead-in, you will build a strong network of new and experienced entrepreneurs across UCPH, working with a wide span of subjects and industries. Learn more about UCPH student startups from the Faculty of ScienceHealth and Medical SciencesHumanities, Law, and Theology.

Completion of the Lead-In Programme gives access to become a member of UCPH Ligthouse

Deadline for signing up is Friday September 1 2023. There are 40 spots which are assigned on a first come first served basis. Lead-in is a coherent course, and we expect you to participate in all five workshops. Since the most crucial development of your idea happens outside the workshops, we also expect you to dedicate a couple of hours working with your idea between each workshop. You can participate on your own or as a team (teams must have a least one active student at UCPH).

If you have any questions before signing up, please contact Jakub: jr@science.ku.dk

Facilitators: Jakub Rubinowski and Maria Shubhra Ovesen

For more information and registration, please visit the sign up page here.